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5000 Nights of Obsession

Fatal Obsession

Unapologetic Obsession 

I felt his eyes on me everywhere I went.
I recognized his smell lingering within my home.
I even sensed his presence in my sleep.
It was too late by the time I found the monster hiding under my bed. He had wedged himself into my life, cornering me with nowhere to run.

The worst part?
The world adored him, but no one knew the devil lurking underneath the beautiful mask—no one except for me.

Manipulative, cold, and remorseless, Axel Trimalchio was a certified psychopath hiding in plain sight. He was fixated on me and would never stop chasing me.
He was determined to make me his... even though I already belonged to someone else.

Author's Note: This book isn't a normal romance, and Axel shouldn't be considered a hero. 

I was groomed to hate Damon Maxwell, but he insisted I was destined to become his.

One night with a masked stranger turned my world upside down. What should have been an anonymous experience ended with me being face-to-face with my family’s nemesis.

His name was Damon Maxwell, the charismatic CEO and a beloved philanthropist. The world chanted his name, but he was the last man who should’ve caught my attention. My family was convinced Damon was connected to my cousin's murder. That darkness lingered behind his charming facade. But Damon claimed I was his destiny and refused to leave me alone.

Desperate to uncover the truth, I play with fire by spending time with him. As his obsession with me grows, he is determined to burn anything to the ground that dares to stand between us. The closer we become, I am plagued with more questions than answers.

Is he truly the golden boy the public paints him as? Or is he a villain who has trapped me in his web of seduction?

Author’s note: Damon isn’t a normal romance hero and, in fact, shouldn't be considered a hero at all. 

Blurb Coming Soon

Stalker Romance

Student / Professor 

Mute h


Non - Con

IR Romance

Twisted Titanic Story

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The Quarantine Series Box Set 

Organized Chaos: Chaos #1

Discord: Chaos #2





New York City—not a place for the faint-hearted or the sweetest of souls.

After all these years, I never expected to be back in the city—least of all, to be back in this house. The place where it all started, the very place I’ve spent years avoiding. All because of him.

But I have no choice. We are all quarantined together in this house. It took the end of the world for me to come back here and face him.


Milo Sinclair.

Once my legal guardian and savior in life. The person who saved me from drowning in loneliness. Who gave me everything I ever wanted. But then he took everything away from me. Plus interest. He broke me once, I will not let him break me twice.


She waited all her life for the right guy.
Too bad she met the wrong guy first.

Brandon Cooper meets a mysterious woman, Maya Mathews, during a critical point in his life. What ensues next is a whirlwind romance between the two lost souls.

However, Maya’s reservations spark Brandon’s suspicions, indicating that a web of lies stands between them. As the situation intensifies, Brandon races against an invisible ticking clock in a desperate attempt to dig deeper into her life.

Brandon’s only clue is Maya’s connection to a little girl from his past.

**This book can be read as a complete standalone. It's a spinoff from The Quarantine Series and contains spoilers. If you plan to read The Quarantine Series, read it prior to Organized Chaos for optimal enjoyment. This is a dark forbidden romance and contains discussions of mental health issues, mature new adults, age gap. It also contains dubious situations that some readers might find offensive. Please don’t read if any of the above bothers you.


Brandon: The unthinkable happened; a possibility I had been avoiding my entire life. I should give her up but leaving her behind was no longer an option.

Mia: Brandon Cooper was bad news; plain and simple. I should have been scared straight and sworn off my previous obsession. Instead, I turned to him during a vulnerable moment, only to spark his sinful ways all over again.

I can’t stop his unwavering determination, threatening to destroy everyone I love. This man will burn the world for me, and he might take me with it.

Moth, meet your flame.


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Quarantined: Book 1

Isolation: Book 2

Essential: Book 3

A gripping, friends-to-lovers-to-enemies, dark romance.

New York City—not for the faint-hearted or the sweetest of souls. The last thing I expected was to be back in this city, after all these years. And I definitely did not expect to be back in this house, where it all started. I have spent years avoiding this place, and the cold hard reality of what happened here.

But I have no choice. We are all quarantined together in this house. It took the end of the world, for me to come back here and face him.

Milo Sinclair.

Once my legal guardian and savior in life. The person who saved me from drowning in loneliness. Who gave me everything I ever wanted. But then he took everything away from me. Plus interest. He broke me. He will not break me again.

TW: This book contains mental health issues, mature new adults, pandemic & dubious situations.

“There is nothing worse in this life than being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. This is what I am when I am around her. Her hero when she accepts me. Her biggest nightmare when she rejects me. I have come to that conclusion. I can’t fight it. I can’t explain it to her because I could never explain it to myself either.”

“The truth is, I have always been slow to react. I don’t lash out because I need time to analyze things at my own speed. People perceive that being mature, wise beyond my age. I am not. I’m indecisive and emotional. I am flawed, and I don’t want to cover it up as anything else.”

TW: This book contains mental health issues, mature new adults, pandemic & dubious situations.

An extended epilogue book to conclude Milo & Raven's epic love story.

Our lives have changed. 

Our worst moments and biggest secrets are used as leverage against us.
People want to force us apart in the name of the greater good. 
Maybe they’re right; maybe we are each other’s villains and not heroes. But that doesn’t change anything because it’s her or no one!

Our past is catching up to us.
Our secrets are out, and our family is falling apart.
Seeing my sister follow in my footsteps turns out to be the wake-up call I needed,
but definitely didn’t want.
For better or worse, family sticks together.
But at the end of the day, I’ve made my choice because it’s him or no one!

TW: This book contains mental health issues, mature new adults, pandemic & dubious situations.

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Blood was spilled on the holy land for the worst kind of Lust was driven by the desire for God.

Lace, white, everything frilly and pretty. The theme to Sara’s life used to be that of a princess, one she romanticized. But when her previously perfect world turned upside down, Sara became convinced that she was cursed. She hid herself in the shadows to spare others from the agony she brought along.
The only person she could never hide from was her adopted brother.

Tristan Marcolf wasn’t the run-of-the-mill rich and successful politician. It was his ethereal good looks that left others bewildered. So much so, they wondered if his looks were a gift from God. Only Tristan suspected that the gift wasn’t from God at all, but from the devil. Because the cursed gift gave him everything he wished for, except for the one thing he truly desired.
His adopted sister, Sara.

With Tristan’s unquenchable thirst for Sara spiraling out of control, the Demon of Lust, Asmodeus, rejoiced in the victory, for he loved to play with mortals. He had orchestrated the perfect setting to prove to God that humans would choose pleasures of the flesh and materialistic desires over the simplicity of LOVE. The two souls set out to prove him wrong and humble his vanity, but rarely do demons give in without a fight.

This book can be read as a Standalone or enjoyed with the other books in the Seven Sin Series.

My first co-write with the brilliant Nenia Campbell. Be sure to pledge to our Kickstarter for exclusive paperbacks, NSFW art, bonus scenes, and more.


She fought battles for others… never expecting someone to wage a war for her.

Calm. Calculating. Disciplined.
Xander Maxwell thrives on controlling his emotions. The ruthless hockey player leaves it all on the ice but is levelheaded outside the rink. Until he comes face to face with his estranged father’s beautiful young bride.
Jordan—a walking wet dream with heart-stopping curves, a sunshine smile, golden hair, and bright blue eyes.
He shouldn’t be enticed. His only goal is to no longer live under his father’s thumb. It doesn’t matter that Jordan is the most beautiful woman on earth or that she radiates like the sun itself.
There is only one problem. She is everywhere—in his thoughts, in every bone, even in his blood. She has snuck into his dreams, and he can’t wrench her out.

Successful, affectionate, and warm.
Jordan Banks makes a career out of selling the perfect life. With clients consisting of the wealthy and famous elite, there is no room for error. Perfection is everything, especially to her controlling husband.
The only part of her life she hasn’t perfected is the one that matters the most—family.
When Xander returns home after years, it’s an opportunity to cement the close-knit family dynamic she has always craved. After all, she is closer to him in age than her husband. The unlikely bond she forges with Xander isn’t part of the plan, though. Nor does she expect to see the same suffocating loneliness reflected in his eyes, the one she’s found within her marriage.
Their undeniable connection comes at a cost. A series of devastating secrets come to light, shattering her not-so-perfect life and leaving only Xander to shield her from the glancing blows.
Jordan is used to fighting battles for her clients, but it’s Xander who wages a war for her.



Drethi Anis lives close to DC with her husband, where she runs her own wedding planning business. When she’s not busy planning a special day, she can be found planning out ways to put her characters through hell. She is all about angst and dark themes in her books, with a side of psychology. Drethi is drawn to flawed and disturbed characters, whom she loves to put through the wringer before she gives them the Happily Ever After that suits their flaws and personalities.

She also loves to travel and tries to visit multiple countries per year. You can find her both on Facebook and TikTok. She loves talking with her readers, so don’t be shy.

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